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Design requirements for food plant construction drawings?

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The construction drawing design of the food factory mainly transforms the design concept and design intention of the engineering and technical personnel into the engineering executable language, whi...

    The construction drawing design of the food factory mainly transforms the design concept and design intention of the engineering and technical personnel into the engineering executable language, which is embodied in the drawings, and then through manufacturing, construction and installation, the whole design project is changed from the idea to the reality; the construction drawing design It is a very specific, practical and meticulous design work that reflects design ideas in engineering language. It requires high-tech and technical personnel to have a high level of science and technology and rich practical experience; construction and installation are in accordance with the drawings. The construction drawing is of good quality, the construction will be smooth, and the production will be smooth. On the contrary, it will affect the progress of the whole project. The design basis of the food plant construction drawing is the approved preliminary design or technical design and approval opinions; the main equipment technical materials and product samples ordered by the construction unit; the agreement signed by the construction unit and each cooperation unit and each department; Technical data, product samples, national standard atlas, enterprise standard atlas of various regional departments, construction regulations and installation methods of construction and installation units.

    The design content and complexity of the construction drawings are also related to the technical level of the construction and installation units. For the construction and installation units with strong technical strength, rich experience and accumulated technical data, many common drawings can be simplified or omitted. Process part: including production flow chart, workshop process equipment layout plan, elevation plan, pipe layout plan, section or perspective view, equipment installation diagram, console, equipment and pipe supports, hangers, pipe parts, tools and equipment Table, material summary table, etc.; power part: including boiler room, air compressor station, freezer and cold storage equipment layout diagram, installation diagram, pipeline flow chart, pipeline insulation structure diagram, equipment room and plant pipeline layout diagram, main support, Hanging map and equipment table, material table, etc.; civil engineering part: including general layout plan, plant earth balance map, architectural plan of some buildings, elevation, structure and section, various node details, selection Standard maps, general maps, door and window diagrams, etc., building walls, roads, and channel structures. Zhongjing Global Purification can provide consulting services, consulting, design, construction and decoration services for food factories and food purification workshops.

    Food plant construction drawings for water supply and drainage: including water supply, drainage, water treatment, sewage treatment equipment layout, pipeline layout, plant drainage manhole, fire protection system, cooling tower and recycling water, wastewater recycling and equipment table, living room, sanitary equipment, bathroom Drainage pipe arrangement; heating and ventilation part, including ventilation, dust removal, heating, air conditioning equipment and piping layout, system diagram, pipeline installation and construction details, material list, general drawing and equipment table; instrument and automatic control part: including production process Flow, quality, liquid level, temperature, pressure of various media, indications of instruments, signals, schematic diagrams of adjustment systems, instrument panels, instrument cabinet layout diagrams, wiring diagrams and material tables, circuit diagrams; power supply: including Substation, high and low voltage power distribution room equipment layout, lighting wiring diagram, factory wiring system, lightning protection, communication, non-standard power distribution cabinet wiring diagram, installation details and equipment table, material table, lighting wiring diagram; construction instructions : The construction instructions including the various professional types of work are different, and the construction requirements of the process are required to install the equipment.

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