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Purification workshop pharmaceutical packaging structure design requirements?

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The important function of the pharmaceutical packaging in the purification workshop is protection. From the aspect of packaging structure design, it must consider the mechanical properties of its lo...

    The important function of the pharmaceutical packaging in the purification workshop is protection. From the aspect of packaging structure design, it must consider the mechanical properties of its load capacity, pressure resistance, drop performance, etc., to achieve the purpose of protecting medicines. When a package contains a group of drugs, in order to prevent the collision between the drug and the drug, it is usually protected by a partition or a tray. The pharmaceutical packaging design of the purification workshop should consider the actual needs of consumers. First, it is easy to carry and carry. Second, it is easy to open when using medicines. For example, the first-aid medicine uses a one-time button-type syringe containing drugs, which can be carried around and used quickly; The packaging of pediatric medications should take into account the fear of eliminating children. It can be designed as a non-pharmaceutical appearance with a spoon, but care should be taken to design the package to be a shape that is difficult for children to open, with warnings to remind parents to prevent children from mistaking. For example, the bottle for treating asthma is designed to be small in size, easy to grasp, and the spray is selected for the dosage form, which is convenient for use.

    The packaging structure of the drug must consider the need for mass transportation. First, the shape must be reasonable. The shape that is easy to achieve rationality is the vertical square and the long square. They can fill the transportation space without any gaps, and the stacking overlap will not slip. Packaging is as much as possible to save space when transporting in large quantities. Especially when transporting empty cardboard boxes, if the empty cardboard boxes cannot be folded into a plate shape, it will bring trouble to transportation. Therefore, the way to save space is to The empty cardboard box is folded into a plate shape. In addition, it is necessary to consider the rationality of the pharmaceutical packaging structure and production process in the purification workshop. In the case of mass production, the rationality of the production process must be taken into account. If the packaging is too complicated due to the complexity of the structure, it is still not suitable for mass production. Excellent packaging. Zhongjing Global Purification can provide consulting services, consulting, design, construction and decoration services for pharmaceutical packaging and pharmaceutical packaging purification workshops.

    There are many kinds of pharmaceutical packaging structures, such as box structure, tank structure, bottle structure, tubular structure, sleeve structure, etc. These structures are based on the characteristics of packaging materials, including their superiority and plasticity; Based on the need for packaging for pharmaceuticals, including protection, sales, and authenticity. The packaging form of the carton structure in the pharmaceutical packaging of the purification workshop is the most widely used, because the paper is light, easy to process, and can be used in combination with other materials, thereby expanding the application, the process of arranging, folding, bonding, etc. The variety of styles can be changed. The surface of the carton can adapt to a variety of printing techniques, effectively beautify the appearance and promote sales; after use, the waste is easy to handle.

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