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Disinfection method for clean room cold storage

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Clean room cold storage installation or long-term use after re-use, the speed of cooling should be reasonable, daily control at 8-10 °C is appropriate, should be maintained at 0 °C for a period of...

   Clean room cold storage installation or long-term use after re-use, the speed of cooling should be reasonable, daily control at 8-10 °C is appropriate, should be maintained at 0 °C for a period of time; cold storage board maintenance, pay attention to the use of hard objects Collision and scratching of the library, because it can cause the depression and rust of the library, it will seriously reduce the local insulation performance of the library; cold storage ground maintenance, generally use the insulation board of the small assembly cold storage floor, should be prevented when using the cold storage There is a lot of ice and water on the ground. If there is ice, you should not use hard objects to knock and damage the ground. The cold storage seal is maintained. Because the assembled cold storage is assembled by several insulation boards, there is a certain relationship between the plates. The gaps in the construction will be sealed with sealant to prevent air and moisture from entering, so some parts of the seal failure will be repaired in time.

    It is necessary to make reasonable use of the warehouse capacity, improve the storage mode of the goods, and make full use of the storage capacity per unit area within the scope permitted by the ground carrying capacity, but the piles must be neatly arranged to facilitate the entry and exit of the goods; The distance between the cargo and the top of the warehouse should be 0.2m, and the distance between the cargo in the cooling room and the ceiling fan should be 0.31m. The distance from the wall to the wall should be 0.4m. To ensure a safe passage; if there are ice, frost, and water on the wall, floor, door, and roof in the warehouse where the cold storage is placed, it should be removed in time; when the cold storage is empty, the freezing room and the frozen storage room should be kept at - Below 5 °C, to prevent freezing and thawing cycles, the cooling room should be kept below zero temperature to avoid dripping water in the reservoir; the inner tube and the air cooler should be cleaned and frosted in time to improve the cooling efficiency. According to the regulations, at least one library should be cleared out during the freezing period, and the frost should be flushed. There should be no water accumulation in the water tray of the cold fan and in the storage tank. The storage temperature of the cooling room without floor anti-freezing measures should not be lower than the temperature. 0 ° C, In order to avoid the phenomenon of freezing drums. Zhongjing Global Purification can provide consulting services such as consultation, planning, design, quotation, construction, decoration and renovation of clean room and clean room.

   For the low-temperature cold storage can be used disinfectant peracetic acid, with peracetic acid plus 33% methanol, has a strong anti-freeze force, -35 ° C still does not freeze, the warehouse volume is measured before disinfection, and the library is empty And the frost is cleaned; the high-temperature cold storage of fruits and vegetables can oxidize the metabolic products, thereby inhibiting the metabolic process; while the ozone generator generates ozone, it also produces a large amount of negative ions, and the negative ions also inhibit the metabolism of fruits and vegetables, so regular or temporary disinfection and The management of medical cold storage is particularly important; ultraviolet light removing mold is a better method for cold storage and mildew removal. This method can not only sterilize but also remove mold, and has certain deodorizing effect; when using ultraviolet light for mold removal The radiation port of the ultraviolet light removing device should be directly irradiated to the wall in the cold storage, generally with 0.33-3W ultraviolet light per cubic meter, and 6H irradiation on the area of 2m can play the role of sterilizing microorganisms. Cold storage lactic acid method is a reliable disinfection method. It can remove mold, sterilize and deodorize. Clean the warehouse first, use 1ML crude lactic acid per cubic meter, add 1-2 parts of water per lactic acid. The mixture is placed in an enamel pot and placed on an electric furnace for heating and evaporation. Generally, the liquid is controlled to evaporate in about half an hour to about 3 hours; then the electric furnace is turned off, and the Kumenda is closed for 6-24 hours to fully lactic acid. Bacterial or fungal action in order to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

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