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Spray cleaning workshop

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Spray cleaning workshop
  • Spray cleaning workshop

At the time of design, the technology of high water saving and water utilization rate should be selected first, and the investment in the technology of washing water recycling and recycling should be increased, and the “zero” emission of washing water after pretreatment and electrophoresis should be realized, or the discharge of wastewater should be greatly reduced. Quantity, increase the recycling rate of water. In the process of industrial spraying industry, mainly the pre-painting process and the amount of cleaning water after electrophoresis are large. It is the main object of spraying wastewater treatment. The circulating water in the spray booth is almost in the case of correct and meticulous management of the paint fog flocculant. Drain sewage.

Before designing and selecting wastewater treatment methods and equipment, it is necessary to test and analyze the hazardous substances contained in the wastewater to determine which method to use, how to remove it, and to link the emission standards with relevant local authorities. The characteristics of the wastewater discharged from the spraying workshop are characterized by the inclusion of organic matter and inorganic matter, and there are few occasions for contamination of individual substances, so an integrated treatment method is adopted. Primary treatment, using mechanical methods or simple chemical methods to precipitate suspended solids or gels in wastewater, and neutralizing the pH of the water; secondary treatment, biological treatment or addition of coagulant to dissolve the organic matter in the wastewater The oxidative decomposition of the material, as well as the separation and separation of some suspended solids, the wastewater after the secondary treatment mostly meets the discharge standard.

The sewage in the spraying workshop is comprehensively treated by several methods, such as coagulation sedimentation method, floating separation treatment method, ion exchange method, membrane separation method, physical treatment method, etc., and the method of floating separation treatment is mainly introduced. The method of floating separation treatment in the spraying workshop is mainly applicable to the case where the density of the condensed matter is lighter than that of the water, and the oil floating on the surface of the water is continuously taken out by the rubber tube or the foamed plastic tube and squeezed and removed; when the sediment is discharged When the density and the water phase are not much different, the bubble particles are added to the air bubbles by the addition of a surfactant such as a surfactant, and are removed by a squeegee or overflow. For example, the paint sprayed over the spray booth is floating up. Removed by law.

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