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Coating purification workshop

Author: Shenzhen Zhongjing Global Purification Technology Co., Ltd.Time:2018-07-26 16:17:08Views:1057

Coating purification workshop
  • Coating purification workshop

With the improvement of people's living standards, the manufacturers of coating purification workshops are getting higher and higher quality of the items used and the food they eat. For example, the emergence of smart phones to completely replace traditional keyboard phones; LED TVs and even laser TVs have completely replaced traditional CRT TVs. The production of these high-precision electronic products requires a very demanding dust-free purification workshop, purification level from 100,000 purification to 100 purification, and this industry chain, from chip manufacturing, circuit board production, LED Packaging, lens camera assembly, touch screen FTP production, glass protection screen production, housing coating, and complete machine assembly are all done in a dust-free environment.

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