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Electronic data recovery room

Author: Shenzhen Zhongjing Global Purification Technology Co., Ltd.Time:2018-07-26 16:15:27Views:1053

Electronic data recovery room
  • Electronic data recovery room

The Data Recovery Lab is a clean, standards-compliant clean space for data recovery. The data recovery laboratory is divided into several modules: purification and cleaning unit, air shower equipment, clean and clean clean bench, and data recovery tool. The lab also includes a data recovery software system.

The greater the number of levels in the data recovery lab, the worse the cleanliness. For the hard disk, since the inside of the hard disk cavity is very sensitive to dust, it is necessary to ensure sufficient cleanliness of the data recovery laboratory when opening the disk, which is even higher than the requirements of the medical dust-free laboratory! For the cleanliness of the data recovery laboratory, the state has established strict standards, the number of dust particles per unit volume as the criterion, and the combination of "≥0.5 micron dust particles" and "≥5 micron dust particles" The indicator is finally marked with ten, one, ten, ten, ten thousand... from high to low, the lower the number, the higher the cleanliness. The standard data recovery laboratory is 100- to 10,000 cleanliness and is subdivided into multiple data recovery lab types based on the actual application environment.

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