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Hospital operating room

Author: Shenzhen Zhongjing Global Purification Technology Co., Ltd.Time:2018-07-26 13:57:33Views:1714

Hospital operating room
  • Hospital operating room

A complete operating room consists of the following sections:

1 sanitary use room: including shoe change, locker room, shower room, air shower room, etc.;

2 surgical rooms: including ordinary surgery room, sterile surgery room, laminar flow purification operation room, etc.;

3 Surgical auxiliary rooms: including toilets, anesthesia rooms, resuscitation rooms, debridement rooms, gypsum rooms, etc.;

4 disinfection supply room: including disinfection room, supply room, equipment room, dressing room, etc.;

5 experimental diagnosis room: including X-ray, endoscopy, pathology, ultrasound and other examination rooms;

6 teaching rooms: including surgical observation tables, closed-circuit television classrooms, etc.;

With the rapid development of medical equipment and imaging technology, more and more medical equipment (endoscope, navigation, C-arm, nuclear magnetic resonance, ultrasound, microscope, etc.) are being applied to the operation process, and more and more information (PACS, HIS, CT, MR, etc.) need to be accessed during the operation, and even some specific operations require remote retransmission or consultation. The integrated operating room is based on these requirements.

The integrated technology of the operating room is a new digital and communication technology designed to achieve the aesthetic integration of the surgeon's work space, representing the high level and development direction of the current surgical department. Through the integrated control of operating room equipment, data and communication environment, the integrated operating room enables the surgeon to conveniently use various equipments in the operating room, improve the integration and utilization of the equipment, realize real-time communication of teaching and academic, improve the quality of surgery, and reduce Medical risks.

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