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Tissue culture clean room

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Tissue culture clean room
  • Tissue culture clean room

Tissue culture clean rooms generally include temperature, light, humidity, gas, medium penetration and pH, etc., which are environmental factors that regulate the growth, development and differentiation of plant materials; one culture chamber must simultaneously cultivate many kinds of plants in order to take care of the temperature of different plants. Demand, the temperature in the culture room is generally set at about 25 ° C, not higher than 35 ° C, not lower than 15 ° C; if conditions permit, the temperature of the culture chamber can be set according to the requirements of different plants for the ambient temperature. If you use a smart light incubator, you can also use variable temperature culture. When solid culture is carried out, do not bury the culture in the medium to avoid oxygen deficiency. When using liquid culture, use oxygen or other methods to ensure the supply of oxygen; the explant after the cut will produce ethylene, causing The aging of the material, which affects growth and differentiation, the culture produces respiration to produce carbon dioxide. When the concentration is too high, it also hinders the growth and differentiation of the culture. However, for the test tube plants with green leaves, sufficient CO2 is beneficial to the robustness of the plant. .

In plant tissue culture, the light intensity range is 1000-6000Ix, while the commonly used light intensity is 3000-4000Ix. Most plants grow and differentiate well in the presence of light, such as inducing adventitious buds in geranium callus. At 15-11H, the light effect is better, and in the tissue culture of parsley, the organ formation does not require light; for some plants, the formation of light inhibits the formation of roots, and activated carbon can be added to the culture medium to improve The formation rate of roots; light quality has a great influence on cell division and organ differentiation, and has significant effects on callus induction, proliferation and organ differentiation; photoperiod is one of the conditions affecting explant differentiation, most plants It is sensitive to the photoperiod, so tissue culture should be performed in a certain photoperiod. Zhongjing Global Purification can provide consulting, planning, design, construction, decoration and other supporting services for tissue culture clean room and tissue culture laboratory.

The tissue culture seedlings are grown in the container before transplanting. The humidity in the culture vessel is mainly affected by the medium, and the relative humidity is close to 100%, but the humidity of the culture chamber can affect the evaporation of the water in the culture medium, thereby affecting the humidity inside the container; Humidity should not be too low, generally requires 70%-80%, otherwise the medium loses a lot of water, changes the concentration of each component of the medium, increases the osmotic pressure, affects the normal growth of the tissue; too high humidity will cause mold growth ,create pollution. Different plants have different pH requirements for the medium. Most of them are 5.0-6.5. The pH of the medium is often adjusted to 5.6-5.8, which can basically meet the needs of most plant cultures. For plants, the pH of the medium may be appropriately acidified; the medium may be appropriately updated periodically, and the amount of the medium may be increased while the capacity of the culture vessel is allowed, and a medium in which nutrient elements can be absorbed in an equilibrium manner is used as much as possible.

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